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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


COVID-19 updates

6:10pm - 25 January

Civil Contingencies Authority sets out plans to further de-escalate COVID-19 restrictions

The Civil Contingencies Authority has discussed and agreed a further phased reduction of remaining COVID-19 restrictions.   This week it will publish these in the ‘Bailiwick Blueprint – The Next Steps’ which sets out the measures which it intends to review and remove, giving indications where possible of the likely timeframes.


  • The Civil Contingencies Authority to publish ‘Bailiwick Blueprint- The Next Steps’ setting out timeframes for review and further de-escalation of COVID-19 restrictions
  • The CCA agreed to remove mandatory requirement for face coverings from midnight
  • ‘Enhanced passive follow-up’ for positive cases released from isolation before day 10 is removed with immediate effect, and replaced with guidance asking individuals to follow sensible precautions 
  • Other restrictions, including the requirement for positive cases to isolate are under review with further de-escalation intended for after February 17th

Read the media release. 

4:00pm - 24 January

Additional walk-in booster clinics to be trialled at the Harbour Terminal this week

Islanders who are yet to have their booster jab will be able to attend walk-in clinics at the Harbour Terminal on Tuesday and Thursday this week, which are being run as a trial to see if the location is suitable for those who work in, or are visiting Town.

Read the media release. 

COVID-19 testing and cases

Bailiwick of Guernsey

Samples tested
Positive results
Negative results
Awaiting results*
Deaths due to COVID-19**
Additional deaths involving COVID-19***
Number recovered
Known active cases

Please note: The report from Monday 24 January should have included an additional 128 recoveries and 10 positives, which were omitted in error.

Tuesday 25 January 2022 - We have 452 (known) active cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick. 81 new cases have been identified since yesterday and 58 people have recovered. Of the 452 current active cases, 423 are in Guernsey & Herm, one is in Sark and 28 are in Alderney.

Of the 81 new cases, 39 are symptomatic community cases, 9 are through community surveillance, 30 are contacts of a known case and three are travel related.

Vaccination status of active cases: of the 452 (known) cases, 151 were unvaccinated, 14 were partially vaccinated, 99 were fully vaccinated and 181 were fully vaccinated + boosted. The vaccination status of seven cases are outstanding.

Post second-wave, 13 individuals with COVID have sadly died. There are currently 3 hospital admissions in the Bailiwick with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

We are currently in an Omicron wave. This is the dominant strain.  As such Public Health will no longer prioritise sequencing while it focuses on managing case numbers effectively.


We have recently changed the way we report COVID-19 deaths. Please see the definitions below.

* Awaiting results indicates people who have had a swab taken and are awaiting a result and does not include inbound travel swabs.

** Deaths due to COVID-19 are deaths with a confirmed underlying cause of COVID-19 following completion of clinical coding by the Office for National Statistics.

*** Additional deaths involving COVID-19 are deaths not yet coded where COVID-19 is mentioned as a cause anywhere on the death certificate. In most but not all instances these will be deaths among active COVID-19 cases and in most but not all cases these deaths will be found to have an underlying cause of COVID-19 when clinical coding has taken place.


The total number of positive cases may not always equal the total number of recovered cases plus the total number of deaths. This is because we are reporting all deaths considered to be from COVID-19, not just the deaths which were confirmed through testing to have COVID-19 (i.e. COVID-19 may feature on a death certificate, but a PCR test may not have taken place before the death occurred).

COVID-19 contacts

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Phoneline available 08:00-16:00 on weekdays, 08:00-12:00 on weekends.

Non-clinical enquiries

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