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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


COVID-19 updates

2:40pm - 24 September

Local health professions experts explain rationale for offering single dose of COVID-19 vaccine to 12-15 year olds

A group of subject-matter experts constituted to examine whether Guernsey should offer a COVID-19 vaccine to 12 to 15 year olds have issued a statement to explain the rationale for offering this cohort the option of having a single dose.

Read the media release.

4:00pm - 22 September

COVID-19 Booster Programme 2021

The Bailiwick of Guernsey Vaccination Programme is now moving into the next phase – the booster programme 2021. 6 months needs to have passed since an individual received their initial full dose of COVID-19 vaccine before they can receive a booster dose.

Read the media release.

COVID-19 testing and cases

Bailiwick of Guernsey

Samples tested
Positive results
Negative results
Awaiting results*
No. of deaths**
Additional COVID-19 deaths***
Number recovered
Known active cases

Friday 24 September 2021 - We have 84 (known) active cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick as 12 new cases have been found and 8 people have recovered. Of the 84 current active cases, 78 cases are from Guernsey or Sark and 6 cases are from Alderney.

Of the 12 new cases, 7 are symptomatic community cases, 1 is a case identified through return to education surveillance, 3 are contacts of confirmed cases and 1 is travel related.

Since the end of the second wave there have been 733 cases. Of these cases, 259 were unvaccinated, 47 were partially vaccinated, 427 were fully vaccinated.

Post second-wave, four individuals with COVID have sadly died. We currently have 2 cases of COVID-19 in hospital post-second wave, all of which are in Alderney.

As of 24 September, 72 people are currently in isolation as contacts of a positive case. This excludes people that are in self-isolation as a result of inbound travel.

* Awaiting results indicates people who have been swabbed and are awaiting a result as well as people with operations and approved for compassionate travel who are booked several days in advance.

** 4 of the 19 deaths occurred in hospital, excludes one death that was not COVID-19 related.

The 2020 deaths have now been coded by the Office of National Statistics - there were 15 deaths in confirmed COVID-19 cases and a further 2 deaths coded by the ONS as caused by COVID-19 in people who were not confirmed cases.

*** Additional COVID-19 deaths (previously presumptive deaths) have been reduced by one as retrospective review of one of the presumptive deaths concluded that the death was not COVID-19 related.

COVID-19 contacts

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