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I operate a business providing goods or services which are not essential - can I continue to operate?

Certain other premises and non-essential retail will be able to open to the public with restrictions on the numbers of people permitted as currently applied in food retail and subject to maintaining social distancing measures. In the first instance, a pilot would be run for a period of up to two weeks to include:

  • Bicycle shops
  • Sports shops
  • The retail sale of children’s clothes and shoes only
  • Garden retailers

The initial opening reflects concerns from the community about the availability of clothes and shoes for growing children and to enable individuals to get to work by means other than car or public transport.

Other goods cannot be purchased even if sold from the same retail outlet or in a shared retail space and changing rooms must remain closed. Restrictions on the numbers of people permitted, and strict hygienic precautions, aligned to those in place in supermarkets will apply to all retail outlets. Play areas, cafes and restaurants within retail outlets cannot open in Phase 3.