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I run a roofing company and I have jobs still to finish, what should I do?

Building and other trades are permitted to increase their activity for outdoor work with phase 2 hygiene requirements remaining in place. This means that there are no long restrictions on the number of people working on each site, but 2 metre social distancing and hygiene measures must be maintained.

Limited small-scale construction activity (for example on existing houses or buildings) will be permitted where outdoor or indoor trades can be carried out with no contact with the public or householders. Activity within occupied households by a limited number of tradesmen is permitted under strict guidelines unless:

  • Either those attending the household or anyone resident in it has or has had any symptoms consistent with of COVID-19 within the last 48 hours;
  • Anyone in the household is under a compulsory isolation order;
  • Anyone in the household is considered medically vulnerable.

Further information on operational requirements can be found here under the “Gardening, building and other trades with no household contact” section.