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What cleaning and hygiene requirements must my business adhere to?

Strict hygiene measures will be of paramount importance as we increase our social connectivity. 

  • Any facility opening must provide access to appropriate hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers.
  • Workplaces must have evidence of rigorous daily cleaning programmes. This includes any equipment that is being used.
  • More detailed cleaning guidance is available here. Please note this is general guidance for non-clinical settings and does not replace any enhanced hygiene requirements for clinical settings or specific hygiene requirements relating to particular professions.
  • There must be strict hygiene precautions and appropriate cleaning protocols in place for toilet facilities. Those operating sites reliant on temporary toilet facilities should contact Environmental Health for further advice, to ensure compliance with the hygiene requirements.
  • Businesses should liaise with Public Health in the event that a confirmed case of COVID-19 is linked to the premises. Guidance on decontamination is available at this link.