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Which businesses can open in Phase 4?

From Saturday 30 May, a significant majority of businesses will be able to re-commence operations and public venues, including museums and cinemas will be allowed to open. This is subject to appropriate measures being implemented to manage the ongoing risk. 

In Phase 4, the Public Health strategy remains the same: 'test, trace and quarantine', and although many types of businesses will now be able to operate, where employees are able to carry out business activity from home, they should still be encouraged to do so.

The following business activities are not permitted due to the current directions on social distancing, gatherings and hygiene:

  • Nightclubs;
  • Establishments serving food and/or drink which do not meet the specific criteria;
  • Indoor children’s play areas (except where they are part of Early Years Services);
  • Contact team sports;
  • Groups, classes, events or social gatherings of more than 30 people or, in the case of weddings and funerals, more than 50 people.

Full guidance for businesses can be found here: