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Does my child have to attend school full time from 8th June?

We know some parents and students will have concerns and feel anxious about returning to school as a result of COVID-19.  If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s school so they can discuss these with you and offer reassurance about safety and welfare.  For the rest of this school term we will take a considerate and supportive approach to managing attendance where parents would prefer to keep their children out of school. Schools will be following public health guidance carefully so that they can keep all children as safe as possible and therefore we do not encourage parents to keep their children out of school. However, we do respect parents’ wishes at this difficult time and we do not want parents to feel forced to send their children into school if they have strong views about keeping them at home at the present time. Any parents who do choose to keep their children at home are asked to inform their schools of the child’s absence using the usual processes.

Please note that if students do not attend and parents have not made contact with the school, someone will make contact to talk about any concerns or difficulties that may be preventing attendance. Distance Learning materials will not be available for pupils who do not attend school, as teachers will now be working with classes full-time.

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