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There are so many additional resources available online, how do I know which ones are helpful for my child?

Each school has provided tasks and activities for students to complete and it is recommended that parents & carers support their children to focus on these first. What this looks like for a Year 7 student may well be very different for an older student studying for their GCSEs or A Levels.

There are many websites and resources available on line and it can feel overwhelming, and confusing, to know where to start. Please refer to the advice each school has already given as trying to do too much with students risks making them feel confused about what they have learned.

A trusted source for education material however is the BBC, who are currently working closely with the Department for Education (DfE). The BBC websites are home to thousands of free educational videos, guides and audio clips. The sites are free, arranged by age group and subject. In particular, for guides and activities designed to support students with independent learning, there is a wealth of free resources on BBC Bitesize. For parents, carers and students of all ages, BBC Teach has helpful advice for parents on learning at home.