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Where should students spend time on their homework/independent learning?

Some families have plenty of space in their homes and for others space may be more limited. Where possible try to make arrangements to allow students the space to learn independently with a desk or work surface. Some students will have access to a number of devices in the home, for others it may be that the family has to share a single PC or tablet device. Our secondary schools have tried to support the students with access to devices, prioritising the older students. We are confident, for example, that all students in the Sixth Form have access to a device as this was already a part of one-to-one study arrangements in the Sixth Form Centre. Although access to the internet for home is high in Guernsey, we know there are families in our community who do not have access to the internet and schools have provided some students with dongles; we continue to work with phone providers to try and find solutions for those who do not have access at the moment.