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I operate a commercial garage servicing vehicles and/or motorcycles, what should I do?

From 11th February, lone workers who are not considered essential workers may return to their place of work if:

  • They are the only person present on the premises; and
  • They have no physical contact with colleagues, customers or clients.

If you cannot comply with the above, then only essential maintenance and repairs to cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats can only take place if it is required by an essential worker who needs their vehicle or boat to get to and from work, or for the purpose of work.

Wherever possible, appointments should be pre-booked, and maintenance and other services must be provided by one person per vehicle or boat.

No more than 2 vehicle and boat maintenance or repair personnel can be present on any premises except where:

  • the personnel are all members of the same household, or
  • the services are provided within specific areas or zones which are intended to maintain and, where possible, maximise social distancing.

Vehicles and boats must be suitably cleaned before and after completion of work.

Social distancing of at least 2 metres and hygiene guidelines must be followed. It is also strongly advised that face coverings are worn.