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I operate a dry cleaners and laundry providing critical supplies for the health service – can I continue to operate?

From 11th February, lone workers who are not considered essential workers may return to their place of work if:

  • They are the only person present on the premises; and
  • They have no physical contact with colleagues, customers or clients.

Dry cleaning businesses may operate if they can comply with the above requirements. If you cannot comply, then your business must cease to operate with immediate effect.

Laundry businesses can continue to operate. If you do open your laundry business then you must ensure that you put in place measures to ensure that social distancing of both your workforce and customers is maintained. You must also ensure adherence to hygiene guidelines and are strongly advised to wear face coverings. If this is not possible then you will not be able to open. You should only travel to and from your place of work to provide those services.