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What is classed as essential travel?

Essential travel includes travel:

  • for a compassionate purpose, including fulfilling a legal obligation,
  • to receive medical treatment,
  • to accompany a child or vulnerable person into or out of the Bailiwick,
  • to undertake essential business activity which is critical to the business and cannot be carried out remotely,
  • to meet legal obligations such as attending court proceedings,
  • to attend or return from school, university or other further education,
  • for anyone ordinarily Bailiwick residents, to return home if they travelled off-Island before the 12th January,
  • moving to the Bailiwick where a property has been purchased and the process of moving is already underway, or
  • to take up employment where the position has already been secured with a local employer or where the work is essential.

Essential travel does not include travel:

  • to visit friends and family based in the Bailiwick,
  • to work remotely in the Bailiwick if that work is not critical work and approved through the critical worker application process,
  • to stay at a ‘second home’ where the person is not ordinarily resident in the Bailiwick.