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Are there restrictions on visiting Care Homes or Hospitals?

All visits to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Mignot Memorial Hospital, Oberlands, the Lighthouse Wards and Care Homes in the Bailiwick of Guernsey have ceased.

For clarity, with immediate effect:

Care Homes – family and friends visits to cease immediately. This is important to protect the staff and residents. These measures are considered essential and will be kept under constant review. End of life visits will be individually assessed.

Hospice – No routine visiting, but end of life visits will be individually assessed. Where visits can be safely accommodated with appropriate safety measures, then staff may allow it under controlled circumstances.

Hospital – routine visiting is not allowed, but end of life visiting will be looked at on a compassionate case by case basis.  Such visits will only be allowed if they can be managed safely. In general even this visiting will be discouraged.

Family and friends should contact Hospital wards and Care Homes for advice about ways to maintain contact with their loved ones, including the delivery of essential supplies & gifts.