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Can support bubbles then bubble up again in later exit from lockdown phases?

A support bubble can be formed as of 11 February 2021. This means that the following households will be eligible to form a support bubble:

  • Where there is only one adult (this includes households with one adult living alone or one adult and any children under the age of 18);
  • Where there is only one adult carer (this means households where this is one adult carer and anyone else living within the household has a disability and requires continuous care);
  • Where there is a child under 1, regardless of how many other adults are in the household;
  • Where there is a child under 5 with a disability that requires continuous care (regardless of how many other adults are in the household); or
  • Where an individual needs to move to another household to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

As we move into Recovery Stage 1 a support bubble becomes your normal bubble. Essentially what this means is that you must stick with your support bubble as we move into the different stages in our exit from lockdown.