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What happens on arrival?

The Bailiwick of Guernsey entered into Phase 5b of its Exit from Lockdown framework on Monday 17th August. For the purpose of travel, Phase 5b means that all countries are categorised into Groups A, B and C.

Group A countries will have a compulsory 14 day self-isolation period. This includes all travel, by any means including privately owned or chartered vessels. In your 14 days of mandatory isolation, you must not leave your accommodation and you must not leave the Island.

Group B countries will include an optional Day 7 test with release to passive follow-up on receipt of a negative test.

Group C countries have no self-isolation or testing requirements. These are countries/jurisdictions who have formed air bridges with the Bailiwick.

Please note that Alderney joined Phase 5b on Friday 4 September 2020.

The full details of Phase 5b, including the criteria for each category group and their self-isolation requirements can be found at The Group A, B and C countries can be found at