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What if I or one of my party become ill whilst on Island?

This could potentially be a very expensive experience. The Bailiwick health care system is not part of the NHS, and there is no reciprocal health agreement between the Islands and the UK. 

We note that healthcare providers have indicated that they will not cover ‘pandemic’ outbreaks to their members (i.e. BUPA UK) and therefore it is essential for people visiting Guernsey to ensure that they have adequate healthcare cover and to check the small print of their policies.  All policies are different dependent upon the level of cover they have purchased.

This means that any medical expenses incurred, including ambulance transportation, emergency treatment, consultations, procedures, hospitalisation, medications and prescriptions, and emergency repatriation will have to be met in full by the person involved. 

Furthermore, if you, or anyone else in your party, displays symptoms of COVID-19, you will be required to undergo a further period of self-isolation until all in the party have conclusively tested negative for the virus. This could mean having to find additional or alternative accommodation for each person involved. It is therefore essential to ensure that you have adequate funding available or travel insurance to cover all such eventualities, prior to arranging travel.