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Organising Events

There are no restrictions on organising events, but we encourage you to think about situations that pose the most risk of transmission of COVID-19. This includes considering the World Health Organisations '3 C's' in relation to:

  • Crowded Spaces
  • Close-Contact Settings
  • Confined and Enclosed Spaces

Continuing to promote hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette is important, together with considering the use of masks in closed, poorly ventilated spaces;

The mantra of ‘Stay at home if you are unwell to protect your community’ remains an important message.


Organising Events

Organisers of large indoor gatherings may want to consider completing a risk assessment form to mitigate against any COVID-19 related risks. Additional measures that organisers may want to consider include:

  • ensuring handwashing facilities/hand sanitiser are readily available
  • ensuring the indoor space is well ventilated
  • encouraging people not to attend if they are unwell
  • encouraging people to respect each other's space
  • regular cleaning of rest room facilities
  • optional use of face coverings

This recommendation does not apply to outdoor events as it is likely that there will be increased ventilation, however, organisers of large outdoor events may also want to consider a risk assessment to mitigate against any COVID-19 related risks.


Face Coverings

It will be for individuals and businesses to come to their own decisions about whether they should consider wearing a face covering. In making this decision, you should consider the following:

  • Are you going to be close to other people?
  • Is the closed space ventilated? Enclosed spaces with poor ventilation can increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses.
  • Will you be in a crowd of people? We know what close proximity to people will increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses.

If there is the potential that you could be in the circumstances described above, then you should consider wearing a face covering.

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Social Distancing

We recommend that social distancing is encouraged in public spaces. You might see shops and supermarkets retain the floor stickers as a reminder. 

We know that close proximity to people will increase the risk of COVID-19 and other virus.

If in doubt -  Mooooove back a bit, eh!

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