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Guernsey Coronavirus Payroll Co-Funding Scheme

Businesses eligible for support through the payroll co-funding scheme between 1 July and 30 September can begin making applications for the second phase of funding from 1 August;

Please note that the Policy & Resources Committee has agreed to continue the payroll co-funding scheme for the most impacted sectors and businesses until the end of 2020. For more information, please read the media release

For any questions about this, please telephone 743803 or email and a team member will guide you through the process to submit your claim.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey entered into Phase 5 of the Exit from Lockdown framework on Saturday 20th June. As a result, normal trading conditions will apply to the vast majority of businesses. Phase one of the Payroll Co-Funding Scheme has now ended, but phase two applications can be made from 1 August 2020.

Support will continue for those businesses that remain heavily impacted until the end of September 2020. Please note this list was updated on 7 July 2020.

Qualifying businesses with a turnover in excess of 40% and up to at least 70% of normal levels will continue to be able to apply for up to 80% of minimum wage for their employees. This upper threshold will be extended to 80% of normal turnover in some circumstances. Businesses will need to contribute the remaining 20% of their employees’ wages.

The enhanced level, will allow businesses that have seen their turnover reduce to below 40% of normal levels will be able to apply for up to 100% of minimum wage for employees. This upper threshold will be extended to 50% for those businesses most in need and who are able to demonstrate support is still necessary.

Further information is available in the guidance document below. This includes, on States-owned land, mooring fees for commercial fisherman, TRP and Social Insurance Employer Contributions.

To apply for the grant, please click here

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