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Education guidance

This page was last updated on 4 October 2021.

From 4 October 2021, PCR test not required for returning to education after travel. Read more: PCR test not required for returning to education after travel from 4th October - States of Guernsey (

Displaying symptoms at school

If a student presents with a runny nose and this is their only symptom, they can continue to attend school as normal. A runny nose with no other symptom does not require parents to call the clinical helpline to arrange a PCR test and we will not send a child home who only has a runny nose.

However, if a child has a runny nose combined with any other symptom linked to COVID-19, for example a headache, a cough or a fever, you should keep them at home and call the clinical helpline on 01481 220001 or 01481 220002 to arrange a PCR test. If your child receives a negative result they can return to school provided they are well enough. Please be aware that, if your child subsequently develops any additional COVID-19 symptoms after returning to school, Public Health has advised that they must be sent home and you will be advised to contact the clinical helpline again.

More information about symptoms is available here: COVID-19 Symptoms | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (

How COVID-19 cases will be managed in education settings

If your child is identified as a contact of a positive case, you will receive a letter from Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink MBE. This letter will be sent to you from the school and it will contain information and guidance on the steps we would ask you to take.

When a student or member of staff tests positive for COVID-19 having been in school, we will identify those who have come into contact with them during what is a called the ‘period of interest’ for Public Health. In most cases, this will be limited to those who have shared a classroom with the positive case during lessons.

Any student identified as a contact can continue to attend education, providing that they remain well with no symptoms of COVID-19.

The intention of Public Health is to keep students in school who have been identified as contacts of a positive case, to avoid disruption to their education, as long as they do not have COVID-19 symptoms and carry out lateral flow tests every morning before attending school for a 10-day period.

Children can still attend all in-school or outside school activities/sports/clubs/events during the 10 days in which they are taking daily lateral flow tests.

If the child develops any symptoms, or receives a positive lateral flow test result, parents/carers must keep them at home and arrange a PCR test immediately by contacting the clinical helpline on 01481 220001 or 01481 220002 (please do not use lateral flow tests if symptomatic) and; parents/carers are able to collect their child from their setting promptly if they begin to develop any symptoms whilst at school

Testing requirements for the new academic year

As a community we do need to accept that we will see cases of COVID-19 in our community and we may see cases cropping up in schools and education settings. As we continue to take measured steps towards living responsibly with COVID-19, widespread testing of all students and teachers was carried out ahead of the new term.

Key Stage 3 and 4 and Post 16 education – Secondary school aged children and young people and anyone attending post 16 education (full and part-time) along with teachers and support staff, are asked to continue the surveillance testing as set out below. 

Parents/carers are encouraged to support children and young people in this testing programme.


For more info about Lateral Flow Testing, including step by step guides please go to: Lateral Flow Testing | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (


For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions please go to: Education Testing - Frequently Asked Questions | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (

Attendance after travelling off island in last 10 days

In addition to following the travel guidance when returning to the Bailiwick, anyone returning to an educational setting who must follow the guidance below: 

The guidance from 4 October 2021 is:

  • Children (from early years settings upwards) are no longer required to undertake PCR test before their return to school. Children and young people are requested to take one LFT on the morning of their first day back into school. There is no testing required for those children below reception age. (Including after school, holiday, activity and extra curricular clubs).
  • Staff who have travelled outside the Bailiwick can return to work in an educational setting following the testing requirements at the border and are asked to undertake a single LFT on the day they return to work. 

All children have a supply of lateral flow tests as packs of 25 were provided at the beginning of the school year.  If parents do require additional lateral flow tests, they are available from their child's school or Beau Sejour.

Please note that privately-run holiday clubs or other businesses and groups, may have their own COVID-related policies.

Good hand hygiene

It is important that everyone continues to maintain good hand hygiene. A poster showing how to wash your hands properly is available to download from this page.

Guidance for Business Owners or Educational Leads

More information for employers about education settings can be found at: Business guidance with effect from 1 July 2021 | States of Guernsey - COVID-19 (

COVID-19 contacts

Clinical questions

Phoneline available 24 hours a day. Email inbox monitored Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Non-clinical enquiries

Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00 and Saturday 10:00-13:00

Businesses with financial concerns

Critical Travel

Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00


Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00

Financial support for individuals

Monday to Friday 8:30 - 16:00

Business Queries

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Travel Tracker

Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00 and Saturday 10:00-13:00