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Guernsey’s Recovery Strategy

In March 2021, the States of Deliberation approved the amended propositions for Stage 1 of the development of the Government Work Plan.

The Government Work Plan will set the strategic direction for the political term and will capture all government work in one place.

The Plan is informed by the high-level Recovery Strategy and is intended to replace the Future Guernsey Plan/P&R Plan. Further information on the Government Work Plan can be found at:

The Bailiwick of Guernsey has faced an unprecedented public health and economic shock as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The socio-economic consequences of the pandemic will pose a serious challenge for an unknown period.

Economic modelling for the impact in 2020 predicts a loss of GVA of an estimated 8%, or approximately £300m, in real terms and its recovery to previous levels, without any action, could take a decade. Unmanaged, the consequences for our community are severe, with impact on islanders’ physical and mental health, their life chances and opportunities, and the well-being of our community.

Guernsey must restore its financial security through an approach which is innovative, dynamic and co-designed with the community. To revive and thrive, our vision for recovery requires investment and confidence rather than cuts and austerity.

Our Recovery Strategy will guide and coordinate action plans to achieve recovery. Our vision goes beyond simply recovering from the impact of the pandemic (revive): it seeks to capitalise on community engagement and cohesion; to learn lessons from past strategies and plans; and to grasp the opportunity to revive, renew and revitalise – to thrive.

Before the pandemic the Future Guernsey Plan was centred on a 20-year vision. This vision has not changed and forms the backdrop to recovery. However, we now have a unique strategic opportunity to learn from the COVID-19 experience and go beyond simply returning to the pre-virus status quo. We can do something special and strive to achieve longer-term economic resilience and transformational wellbeing outcomes for our community.

Our vision for recovery is:

“We will work in partnership to recover our economic prosperity, build on our inclusive community values and capitalise on our many strengths to make Guernsey a safe haven based on sustaining health, wealth and community.”

Success will rely on balancing risk and embracing opportunity to achieve at pace a confident recovery delivered through a series of interdependent action plans.

The Recovery Strategy covers:

  • Economic and Financial Landscape
  • Community Landscape
  • Guiding Principles
  • Our Approach to Recovery
  • Short Term Actions
  • Recovery Action Plans
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Communications
  • Governance

The full Recovery Strategy – Revive and Thrive – can be found in the downloads section.

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