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Medical and Compassionate Travel

Medical Travel

As announced on the 5 August briefing, all patients returning after medical travel can, as of now, undergo a test on day 7, with limited restrictions (passive follow-up) on activity to day 14 if the test is negative.

This includes inpatients, outpatients and day patients.

Patients who need to return to the UK for further medical treatment during their self-isolation period in Guernsey may do so. There is a form below which any doctor can complete to allow this.

Compassionate Travel

Arrangements are now in place to allow travel for compassionate reasons. Compassionate travel is classified as:

  • Travelling from and to the Bailiwick to visit a terminally ill person or attend a funeral
  • Travelling from and to the Bailiwick to support shared care arrangements for children and young people
  • Travelling from and to the Bailiwick to support an adult with complex needs or a learning disability for whom they have caring responsibilities for.

For full details of the requirements that have been put in place for compassionate travel, individuals will need to contact for a risk assessment and advice.

COVID-19 contacts

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