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Patient Information

This will not be a mandatory vaccination.

It is your decision whether to have the vaccine or not. While we do recommend as many people as possible have the vaccine, it is ultimately your choice whether you do so or not.

Information about the vaccine will be provided to you before accepting it. This information will also be placed online. It is important you used trusted sources in order to gain as full an understanding about the vaccine as possible, so you can make an informed choice about receiving it. An independent source of information is:

The vaccinations for the cohorts being delivered at the CVC will have 6 or 10 week interval between doses (depending on the vaccine delivered). This is to ensure the most optimal and strategic use is made of the vaccine supply allocated to the Bailiwick in the forthcoming months. The gap between doses followed a detailed evaluation of the data regarding the efficacy of the vaccine with differing timing options.

Beau Sejour has been designated as the island’s main vaccination centre and the Community Vaccination Centre opened on Monday 25 January 2021. 

The vaccine does not prevent people catching and spreading COVID-19. It does however, prevent individuals suffering from the serious side effects of, or dying as a result of, the virus. 

Good hand hygiene still applies if you have received the vaccine. If you have been contacted to self-isolate, this also still applies even if you have received the vaccine.

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