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Protecting those who are vulnerable to severe illness due to COVID-19

Due to the situation in the UK, Europe and across the world it is useful to consider measures to help protect anyone who may be more vulnerable to SARS-CoV2 (Coronavirus).

This page was last updated on 13 November 2020 at 09:30.

Shielding was previously used as a measure to protect extremely vulnerable people who are at higher risk of serious illness and complications from COVID-19.

As the situation in the Bailiwick has improved, those who are shielding have returned to normal activities. As we approach the winter months, it is time to give further advice for these people to Know, Prepare and Protect.

It may be difficult to use the principles of balancing risks with the benefits, as these will be different for each individual. Please contact someone who knows you well, such your GP or Consultant, if you have difficulty knowing whether you are at risk, as they will be better placed to provide you with specific advice for your individual situation.

In order to keep well over the winter months, please follow the three principles: KNOW, PREPARE and PROTECT


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