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COVID-19 updates

3:15pm - 3 January

Public Health update re: the ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 and the decisions made in the UK regarding passengers from China

Public Health have been monitoring the situation both within the Bailiwick, and beyond our borders closely over the holiday period. This forms part of our 24/7 service that we offer. We have taken special note with regard to the number of cases both in the UK and here.

We are, of course, aware that the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK have said people travelling from China on direct flights from 5th January will be asked to take a pre-departure COVID test. Importantly, from 8th January, the UK Health Security Agency will also launch surveillance, which will see a sample of passengers arriving from China tested for the virus as they arrive. This will provide information on the emergence of any new variants of concern and we will be able to use this information in our local risk assessments.

In our view any decision needs to be evidence driven and specific to the Bailiwick. Given there were over one million COVID-19 infections in England recently, there is already a local source for any potential new variants.

Other points of note are:

  • It is virtually impossible to travel to Guernsey from China via commercial operators without transiting through the UK or France first – both countries have introduced pre-departure testing for Chinese arrivals. This will provide protection for the Bailiwick. We do acknowledge that there may be scope for travel via a private jet, but any traveller numbers via this route are likely to be extremely low.
  • It seems the approach being taken by the UK, and other countries, is to require a pre-departure negative test as a condition of carriage on outbound flights from China. This will be augmented by surveillance testing from 8th January at UK borders, again providing protection for the Bailiwick

Finally, to date there is no specific information suggestive of an identified new variant threat. As such, given the relative prevalence in the UK and very low travel volume direct from China (if any), reinstating new measures does not seem proportionate at this point.

It is therefore the Public Health recommendation that we continue to monitor the situation closely and modify any response, as required, based on new and emerging evidence.

2:25pm - 13 December

Vaccine drop-in clinics scheduled as autumn booster programme draws to a close

Eligible islanders will have until 21 December 2022 to receive their COVID-19 autumn booster.

The COVID-19 Autumn booster programme has been running since the end of September 2022 providing booster vaccinations to:

  • All adults aged 50 years and over
  • Those aged 5 to 49 in clinical risk groups – including pregnant women
  • Those aged 5 to 49 who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression
  • Those aged 16 to 49 who are carers
  • Residents in care homes for older adults and the staff who work there
  • Frontline health and social care workers

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11:15am - 9 December

COVID-19 and LFT testing

Throughout our response to COVID-19 we have been fortunate to receive lateral flow tests (LFTs) free of charge from the UK. Some of these stocks of LFTs are due to expire, so Islanders are asked to check their stocks of LFTs at home and are advised not to use them after their expiry date (printed on the box).

From Friday 23rd December 2022, the States of Guernsey will stop issuing free surveillance LFTs to businesses and the public. Anyone wishing to continue to test outside of the Public Health guidelines, will need to purchase their own LFTs which are available online, from local pharmacies and some supermarkets.

For symptomatic people from January 2023, a pack of 5 individual tests will be provided per household. A symptom free member of your household/friend will be able to collect from Beau Sejour. If you don’t have a household member or friend who can collect an LFT for you, please call the clinical helpline for further assistance on 220001 option 1.

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10:00am - 18 November

COVID-19 Autumn booster programme to end on 21 December 2022

Eligible islanders will have until 21 December 2022 to receive their COVID-19 autumn booster.

If you have already received an invitation letter and wish to take up the offer of an autumn booster, please call 01481 220001 or email

Read the media release.

3:15pm - 26 October

Hospital visitors no longer required to wear face covering as COVID-19 cases decrease

Following a review of the active cases of COVID-19 in the community, the number of patients in the hospital with COVID and patients with other respiratory illnesses within the hospital, it has been agreed to remove the requirement for HSC staff and visitors to wear face coverings in the hospital and the Community Vaccination Centre (CVC).

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9:30am - 25 October

Invites being sent to clinical at risk group for autumn COVID-19 booster

The autumn COVID-19 booster programme continues to progress, with invitation letters currently being sent to islanders in a clinical at risk group.

All those aged 65 and over, along with front line health and social care workers, have been invited for their autumn booster. Anyone in these groups who has not received an invitation letter is asked to contact the Vaccine Contact Centre by calling 220001 or emailing

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2:45pm - 13 October

LFTs offered to businesses free of charge – but only until New Year

Businesses can apply to collect lateral flow tests free of charge between now and the end of the year. This decision has been taken due to current healthy stock levels and to support businesses in the lead up to the festive period. However, from January 2023 any business that wishes to continue encouraging its staff to test in line with its own risk assessments will need to purchase LFT supplies commercially.

Any business that wishes to apply for LFTs during this limited time period can email

Read the media release.

4:00pm - 6 October

Autumn COVID-19 booster programme progressing well

The autumn COVID-19 booster programme is progressing well with nearly 70% of those invited to book an appointment so far having taken up the opportunity.

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1:30pm - 5 October

Hospital visitors asked to LFT and wear face covering as COVID-19 cases rise

Following an increase in COVID-19 cases in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, all visitors are required to wear a face covering and are asked to take a lateral flow test before attending.

These changes will remain in place for the time-being but will be reviewed every week.

Read the media release.

2:30pm - 2 September

The relocated CVC and Primary Care Practices are ready for the autumn COVID-19 booster and flu programme

This autumn you will be able to receive COVID-19 and seasonal influenza vaccinations at either the new Community Vaccination Centre (CVC) or your registered Primary Care Practice. Residents in Alderney will continue to be able to receive their vaccinations at the Island Medical Centre.

Read the media release here