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COVID-19 updates

12:00pm - 27 May

No active cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick

 Announcing the daily testing results, Dr Brink, Director of Public Health, has advised that 27 days have now passed since the last positive case of COVID-19 was diagnosed and there are currently no known active cases in the Bailiwick. 

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1:30pm - 22 May

States-run schools to open to all students from 8th June

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has decided that States-run schools will re-open to all students five days a week from Monday 8th June.

This aligns the position on schools to the decision announced today to move to Phase 4 from Saturday 30th May as part of the States’ overall Exit Strategy. 

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1:15pm - 22 May

Decision made in principle to move to Phase 4 on 30 May 2020

Today marks 22 days since the last diagnosis of a new case of COVID-19. We moved into Phase 3 on the 16 May 2020 and have had no new cases of unexplained community transmission since 21 April 2020. The Bailiwick currently has 2 known active cases. 

As stated last week, the current public health data has exceeded our expectations and there is clear evidence that the community is working together to ease out of lockdown. In view of this, and the fact that all other criteria to move into the next phase have been met, HSC has agreed, in principle, to move to Phase 4 on 30 May 2020.

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5:05pm - 21 May

£25,000 donated to charities from Social Investment Fund's COVID-19 Community Charity Appeal

More than £25,000 raised by Islanders for the Social Investment Fund’s COVID-19 Community Charity Appeal is being donated to charities, after the first invitation for grant applications.  Four grants have been agreed by the SIF board.

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4:25pm - 20 May

Rock towers to be monitored and removed if necessary to minimise risk

In the spirit of Guernsey Together, there have been many creative ways in which Islanders have spread joy, hope and togetherness. One such way is through the building of rock towers, which can be seen along vast areas of the coastline. However, Islanders are encouraged to be aware of the risks some structures pose on other members of the public, wildlife and the environment.

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11:15am - 20 May

Association of Guernsey Banks help patients stay in touch with loved ones

More patients in the Princess Elizabeth hospital have been given the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones thanks to a generous donation of iPads from the Association of Guernsey Banks.

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9:00am - 19 May

Media enquiry: statement on behalf of the Policy & Resources Committee and Committee for Economic Development regarding off-island travel

We have been very clear that the opening of our borders will be one of the last stages in our phased ‘Exit from Lockdown’.  Any decision to lift travel restrictions to a particular jurisdiction will depend on the situation there, and the risk it presents to the health and lives of Islanders.

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2:00pm - 18 May

Moving online has allowed the planning application process to get going again

Decisions on planning applications had been suspended because members of the public could not view applications, but now the Planning Service has developed temporary webpages so that all applications can appear online. Legally, planning applications must be publicised in order for public representations on the proposal to be made.

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1:30pm - 15 May

Business Support Measures - new web portal and revisions to the scheme

From today, businesses applying for payroll support through the Business Support Scheme will be able to submit their claims through a new web portal.

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1:30pm - 15 May

Plans announced for education during next phase of COVID-19 response

The plans are informed by the advice of the Director of Public Health and senior educationalists.

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