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COVID-19 updates

2:45pm - 20 April

States of Guernsey reaches out to all registered or recently retired health care professionals

Phase 1 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme started in January this year and has progressed through the priority cohort well. Nearly 47,000 doses have been given to date.

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1:15pm - 16 April

CCA agrees to reintroduce country and regional categories for travel from 23rd April

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed to reintroduce country and regional categorisation for travellers to the Bailiwick from the 23rd April.

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4:30pm - 15 April

Bailiwick residents reminded they cannot choose which COVID-19 vaccine they receive

The Vaccination Contact Centre (VCC) call handlers are receiving an increasing number of calls from individuals requesting specific COVID-19 vaccines. In particular, callers are asking for the Pfizer vaccine (the gap between doses is 6 weeks as opposed to 10 weeks for the AstraZeneca vaccine) citing a desire to go on holiday as soon as possible.

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3:00pm - 10 April

Parking at the Community Vaccination Centre


We are seeing a high demand for parking at Beau Sejour whilst the Community Vaccination Centre is in operation. If you are visiting Beau Sejour soon, please allow enough time to park & use active travel methods or car shares where you can.

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12:00pm - 8 April

Islanders concerned about Long COVID should speak to their GP

As more evidence and research becomes available on the long-term effects of COVID-19, Islanders who think they might be suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19 should contact their GP.

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7:35pm - 7 April

SoG responds to latest MHRA guidance on the AstraZeneca vaccine

Following today’s update from the MHRA and the new JCVI guidance, as an extra cautionary measure, the Bailiwick Vaccination Programme will ensure that anyone under 30, with no underlying health risk, will receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (or the Moderna Vaccine when available) when they are invited to make their vaccine appointments.

Those under 30 who are due to receive a second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine and who didn’t suffer from the side effects reported by the MHRA should have the second dose as the data from the MHRA suggests that all reported adverse incidents of this type have been associated with the first dose of vaccine to date.

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3:30pm - 1 April

Phase 2 of vaccination programme set to begin

Phase 2 of the programme for those 18 to 49 will continue to be delivered at the Community Vaccination Centre at Beau Sejour and the Committee for Health & Social Care has agreed that the rollout will be largely done in order of age.

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2:00pm - 1 April

Any over-50s yet to receive first vaccination are urged to book in

Anyone aged over 50 that is yet to have arranged an appointment for their first COVID-19 vaccination is being encouraged to call the Vaccination Call Centre on 01481 707607 to book their appointment. This advice to call and book is regardless of whether over-50s have received a letter or not.

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1:00pm - 1 April

Appeal to act on any COVID-19 symptoms immediately this Easter – if unwell, stay at home and report symptoms

As we head into a 4-day weekend, Public Health is urging islanders not to be complacent about feeling under the weather. If a person develops any of the symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, they should stay at home and report their symptoms to the clinical helpline or their GP.

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9:40am - 1 April

Revenue Service award social security contribution credits to employees impacted by COVID-19

Employed people in Guernsey and Alderney with gaps in their contribution record due to having reduced earnings in the lockdown period from 23 January to 21 March 2021 will be awarded contribution credits and will not have to pay to plug the gaps.

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