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COVID-19 updates

3:45pm - 27 September

PCR test not required for returning to education after travel from 4th October

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed that from 4th October, when travel rules will see a further relaxing of restrictions, it will no longer be necessary for children to take a PCR test in order to return to an education setting after travelling into the Bailiwick.

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11:20am - 27 September

Clinical helpline numbers are changing

The numbers for the Covid-19 clinical helpline are changing. These changes are being made following a period of very high call volumes, and should help solve issues with people not being able to get through. On Monday 20th September, for example, JESCC took more than 400 calls from symptomatic members of the public. The new numbers are: 01481 220001 and 01481 220002.

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2:40pm - 24 September

Local health professions experts explain rationale for offering single dose of COVID-19 vaccine to 12-15 year olds

A group of subject-matter experts constituted to examine whether Guernsey should offer a COVID-19 vaccine to 12 to 15 year olds have issued a statement to explain the rationale for offering this cohort the option of having a single dose.

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4:00pm - 22 September

COVID-19 Booster Programme 2021

The Bailiwick of Guernsey Vaccination Programme is now moving into the next phase – the booster programme 2021. 6 months needs to have passed since an individual received their initial full dose of COVID-19 vaccine before they can receive a booster dose.

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2:30pm - 22 September

Single dose of COVID-19 vaccine to be offered to 12-15 year olds

12 to 15 years old will be offered a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine on a voluntary basis, after the Committee for Health & Social Care considered the health and wider social benefits to this cohort. 

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1:15pm - 21 September

Bailiwick of Guernsey travel rules to align with UK from 4 October

The Civil Contingencies Authority is announcing further changes to the rules for travel into the Bailiwick and the rules for cases and contacts of cases identified in the Bailiwick. The changes will take effect in two stages, with some changes coming into effect on 23 September and the other changes coming into effect on 4 October.

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12:20pm - 20 September

Public Health relaxes guidance on extra-curricular activity after stable first two weeks of term

Public Health has relaxed its guidance for students identified as contacts of a positive case. They are now able to attend all in-school or outside school activities/sports/clubs/events during the 10 days that they take daily lateral flow tests.

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11:25am - 13 September

Further information on current measures in place to minimise disruption to education for contacts of cases

Dr Nicola Brink has provided further information to explain the current temporary measures in place to minimise students having their education disrupted if they are identified as a contact

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12:20pm - 7 September

Guernsey UNICEF VaccinAid Campaign receives £10,000 Donation

The Overseas Aid & Development Commission previously invited Islanders to support UNICEF UK and Crowdfunder’s VaccinAid campaign, helping to deliver the biggest vaccine drive in history to the poorer people of the world. The Commission is delighted to note that the Guernsey public appeal has now raised over £34,000 thanks to the generosity of Islanders.

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10:55am - 4 September

Vaccinated 16 & 17 year olds to be treated as ‘blue’ travellers

The CCA has agreed that 16 and 17 year old islanders who have received one dose of vaccine (in accordance with the JCVI guidelines) and 2 weeks have elapsed since that dose was administered will be able to benefit from reduced restrictions on arrival into the Bailiwick, like other fully vaccinated travellers.  This will include being able to benefit from the ‘blue channel’ when travelling from the UK or elsewhere in the Common Travel Area.

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