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COVID-19 updates

1:05pm - 27 November

Testing programme for travellers – Pilot scheme Day 13 testing

End of isolation testing on Day 13 is being offered to travelers on a trial basis. This is to detect late presenting infections and is in line with ECDC guidance.

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5:15pm - 26 November

Pack of advice sent to students prior to travelling home for Christmas

Students have today received a pack of information to support them with further advice both before they travel and after they arrive home.

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10:45am - 18 November

Overseas Aid and Development Commission revises its plans for 2021

The Overseas Aid and Development Commission (OA&DC) is revising its support for charities in 2021 due to the unprecedented consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5:05pm - 16 November

2021 Budget reflects extraordinary impact of COVID-19 pandemic

The Policy & Resources Committee is highlighting the serious impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Guernsey’s public finances in the 2021 Budget, published today.

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5:10pm - 11 November

Plans for student flights unaffected by UK Government announcement

Plans for students to return home to the Bailiwick in early December are unaffected by the UK Government’s announcement today.

Guernsey students and their families are being reassured by the States that the plans put in place for additional flights from a range of regional airports between 1st - 6th December remain in place. University students were sent an email this morning to clarify.

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11:05am - 11 November

The number for Critical Worker enquiries has changed

As of Wednesday 11 November, the number for Critical Worker enquiries has changed to 01481 747578. Enquiries can continue to be made by emailing 

7:35pm - 2 November

Guernsey response to COVID-19 remains unchanged following UK lockdown announcement

The Civil Contingencies Authority is reassuring Islanders that there is no intention to change the Bailiwick’s response to COVID-19 following the UK’s announcement that it will begin a lockdown from Thursday.

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3:18pm - 2 November

Universities to remain open so extra flights for students to continue as planned, despite UK lockdown

Students have today been reassured that the additional flights scheduled from regional airports in the first week of December will operate as planned.

In an email to students today, they have been reassured that the States of Guernsey will closely monitor the situation in the UK regarding the recently-announced national lockdown, but at this stage there are no plans to bring the scheduled additional flights forward. This is because the UK Government’s position is very clear that universities are to remain operating until the end of term, with more learning online and a direction that students should not return home before the end of term.

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4:50pm - 28 October

Extra flights to be operated from regional airports to support students

Flights to support off-island students who want to return home for Christmas will be operated from a variety of UK regional airports this December.

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2:00pm - 28 October

Parking time limit changes following East Arm test facility

With the Phase 5c COVID-19 testing facility on the East Arm becoming operational this week, changes have been made to parking time limits in order to help maintain a balance between long-term and short-term parking at Crown Pier, Albert Pier and North Beach.

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