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COVID-19 updates

2:15pm - 26 February

Civil Contingencies Authority agrees for Alderney to move to Stage 2 on Tuesday 2nd March

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed today that Alderney should move to Stage 2 of the exit from lockdown on Tuesday 2nd March.

Read the media release.

12:20pm - 26 February

10,000th self-swab completed at the East Arm/ Ferry Terminal this week

The self-swabbing facilities at the East Arm and the Ferry Terminal were set up in September last year to enable travellers to take a COVID-19 test on arrival. On 28 January of this year, these facilities were adapted to test a range of critical and essential workers through a targeted testing programme.  Between 28 January and 28 February, 10,000 self-swabs will have been taken using these facilities.

Read the media release.

12:15pm - 24 February

Support scheme for Visitor Accommodation sector to continue until 2022

The support scheme in place for visitor accommodation businesses in Guernsey and Alderney will continue beyond the end of March this year, for a further 12 months.

Read the media release.

12:00pm - 24 February

Support recovery clause removed as business support for Stage 2 plans are announced

The Policy & Resources Committee has reviewed and agreed the business support measures it will provide going forward, once the Bailiwick moves into Stage 2 of its exit from the current lockdown.

Read the media release.

11:05am - 23 February

Payment may be available to essential workers who followed Public Health advice

Essential workers, who couldn't work from home, and were unable to attend work because they were following Public Health advice to self-isolate during the first few weeks of lockdown, may be eligible to receive a retrospective payment.

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1:55pm - 22 February

UK residents temporarily choosing to work from Guernsey during the global pandemic

The Revenue Service is advising people who have chosen to temporarily work for their UK employer from Guernsey during the pandemic that basing themselves in the Island may have implications for their personal tax situation.

Read the media release.

10:15am - 22 February

Delivery drivers reminded of importance of wearing face coverings and gloves

As Stage 1 begins in Guernsey today, it is expected there will be a significant increase in deliveries as more businesses resume operating, always in a non-customer-facing way. 
Delivery drivers are being reminded that they must, under the rules for Stage 1, wear gloves, socially distance and follow all hygiene guidelines.  Deliveries must also be undertaken by only one person.  Goods must be left on the doorstep or outside, with no direct customer interaction.  Delivery drivers are also strongly recommended to wear face coverings.

Read the media release.

4:30pm - 19 February

ESC publishes details of how education settings will re-open in line with Exit from Lockdown Framework

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has published details of how the re-opening of education settings will align with the States’ Exit from Lockdown Framework.

Read the media release.

Read the Education Exit From Lockdown guidance.

1:00pm - 17 February

Stage 1 of lockdown

Please note that from 00.01 on Monday 22 February 2021 we will be moving to stage 1 of lockdown in Guernsey. Alderney move to stage 1 on Thursday 18 February.

For more on stage 1, please go to the lockdown framework at:

12:50pm - 17 February

ESC says Distance Learning programme a great credit to teachers & lecturers

Distance Learning currently being delivered in States schools and via the Guernsey Institute is designed to ensure students all have access to direct support from their teachers and lecturers every day, while also providing families with flexibility to manage schoolwork around many other commitments parents and carers are having to juggle during lockdown.

The Distance Learning policy has been revised since it was introduced during the first lockdown, under the previous Committee for Education, Sport and Culture, and now includes a greater emphasis on daily access to direct teaching. Direct teaching can be provided in several different ways including pre-recorded content, content from third party providers or live lessons.

Read the media release.