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COVID-19 updates

12:00pm - 11 May

Public Health seeks to understand the impact on islanders who tested positive for COVID-19

Public Health Services is asking individuals who were identified as a positive case of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick between September 2020 and March 2021 to complete a questionnaire about their experiences.

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5:15pm - 7 May

Introduction of Category 2 countries and regions on 14 May 2021

With one week to go until the introduction of ‘Category 2’ countries and regions as part of the Bailiwick’s travel rules, the CCA are advising those preparing to make a journey of some of the things they will need to consider.

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2:00pm - 7 May

Testing and isolation arrangements for private boat owners arriving in the Bailiwick from 14 May 2021

With effect from 14 May 2021 travellers arriving in the Bailiwick from a category 2 country or region will be able to take a test on arrival and, subject to a negative result, will be in passive follow up until day 14 with an additional COVID-19 test on day 7.

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1:30pm - 7 May

COVID-19 vaccines for individuals aged 30 to 39 years

The Bailiwick COVID-19 Vaccination Programme team is aware of the guidance published today by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). The JCVI has stated that their preference is that individuals aged between 30 and 39 should be offered the Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna vaccine but the AstraZeneca vaccine can continue to be used for this age group.

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1:00pm - 7 May

Travel Considerations

As we move towards a further easing of border restrictions to include Category 2 countries and regions, Islanders are being asked to check that they are prepared for what their journey may require before they travel.

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2:00pm - 30 April

COVID-19 Test Charges

From the 14th May, a £25 charge will be applied for each test required as part of your arrival in the Bailiwick.  This includes your test on arrival, and your test on either Day 7 or Day 13 (depending on which Category you have travelled from).

You can pay this charge through your Travel Tracker account.

You are not required to pay this charge if you are:

  • A child under-12
  • Travelling for medical reasons
  • Accompanying someone who is travelling for medical reasons
  • Travelling for compassionate reasons

12:00pm - 28 April

Vaccine Misinformation

Islanders are reminded to use evidence based resources when looking for information on COVID-19 vaccines. This follows anonymous literature being circulated on-island.

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2:00pm - 23 April

Islanders can request PCR tests online prior to travel

With effect from Monday 26 April 2021, islanders will be able to request a test online if they are required to provide proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 result for their travel destination or carrier.

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2:45pm - 20 April

States of Guernsey reaches out to all registered or recently retired health care professionals

Phase 1 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme started in January this year and has progressed through the priority cohort well. Nearly 47,000 doses have been given to date.

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1:15pm - 16 April

CCA agrees to reintroduce country and regional categories for travel from 23rd April

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed to reintroduce country and regional categorisation for travellers to the Bailiwick from the 23rd April.

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