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COVID-19 updates

1:45pm - 21 July

Evidence of community seeding as Notre Dame pupil tests positive

case of community seeding has been identified in Guernsey after a Year 6 child tested positive in the island yesterday. The Notre Dame pupil has not left the island in the last 14 days and has no known links to positive cases. They became symptomatic after the last day of term. Contact tracing is underway. If you suspect you or your child might be a contact, there is no need to call Public Health – please wait to see if you are contacted by them.

Read the media release.

11:15am - 20 July

Vaccine Certification

As more and more people have received a COVID-19 vaccine and are considering off-island travel we have received several questions from individuals who have received doses of vaccine from outside of the Bailiwick and are requesting a COVID-19 Status Certificate.

Read the media release. 


4:45pm - 18 July

Positive case confirmed in student of St Anne’s School, with 30 children identified as contacts

A positive case of Covid-19 has been identified in a child who attends St Anne’s School in Alderney. As a result, about 30 children who were at school on Wednesday and Thursday last week have been identified as contacts of the positive case. These children are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

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8:00am - 17 July

Appeal for people to come forward for testing if they were in identified Alderney establishments at specific times

In support of Public Health efforts for relevant additional testing in Alderney, an appeal has been made for anyone who was at the following establishments during the times identified to come forward for testing:

  • The Divers Pub on 11th July from 8pm onwards (they were showing the Euros 2020 Final)
  • Cantina No 6 on 11th July between 4pm-8pm
  • The Blonde Hedgehog on 9th July between 8am-4pm
  • Concert at St Anne’s Church on 10th July starting at 7pm
  • The Seafarers Service on 11th July starting at 10.30am

Read the media release.

4:30pm - 16 July

Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions advisory in Alderney

As a precautionary measure, following the identification of 3 positive COVID-19 cases in Alderney overnight, non-pharmaceutical interventions are being advised until contact tracing establishes and contains COVID-19 cases.

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4:15pm - 16 July

Mignot Memorial Hospital and Alderney Care Home visiting to cease with immediate effect

Following the announcement this morning of 3 positive cases of COVID-19 identified in Alderney, all visiting to the Mignot Memorial Hospital and Alderney care homes has ceased with immediate effect.

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9:00am - 16 July

St Annes School to close today following eight staff identified as close contacts of positive case in Alderney

Public Health Services became aware late last night of three positive cases of COVID-19 in Alderney. While contact tracing is ongoing, these appear at this stage to be instances of community seeding.

Read the media release.

5:40pm - 15 July

Additional measures agreed for travel from Jersey to Guernsey from 00.01 Friday 16 July

The Civil Contingencies Authority has today agreed additional measures for all those travelling from Jersey. These new measures take effect from Friday 16 July.

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2:00pm - 14 July

No Covishield vaccines administered in the UK

Following media coverage earlier in July that some EU countries have stated that they will not accept travellers who have been vaccinated using Covishield, it has been confirmed that no Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK or in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

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11:30am - 14 July

Policy & Resources Committee agrees support for business in critical need as a result of self-isolating

The Policy & Resources Committee has agreed it will consider providing exceptional support, on a case by case basis, to businesses who find themselves in a critical state as a result of staff having to self-isolate, which would be based on the current Payroll Co-funding scheme.

Read the media release.