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COVID-19 updates

3:00pm - 2 June

Active travel will be the key to getting to and from school safely in the coming weeks, as school buses will operate with reduced seating so that social distancing can be maintained wherever possible

While reducing the number of students using buses is a priority during Phase 4 of the island's exit from lockdown, the infrastructure around schools will struggle to cope if everyone who would have used the bus simply switches to travelling by car.


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4:30pm - 1 June

Guidance sent to parents and carers before all students return to school

Parents and carers will receive a guidance document to provide further reassurance and information before all students return to school on Monday 8th June.

The guidance provides an overview of how schools will operate and addresses questions parents and carers may have around social distancing, hygiene, cleaning, transport and whether it is compulsory for students to attend.

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4:15pm - 29 May

The Quay, Church Square and Lower Pollet to be closed to vehicles this weekend

Changes are being made in Town this weekend to support shoppers maintain social distancing and help the hospitality trade make the most of this fantastic summer weather.

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1:15pm - 29 May

Social Distancing and Socialising in Phase 4

As we move into Phase 4 of the safe exit from lockdown, Islanders are beginning to get used to what is becoming known as a ‘new normal’.

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10:30am - 29 May

Community Monitoring Report – Findings to Date

The first report of findings from the Community Monitoring Tool has been published. The online tool was launched at the end of March to give Islanders another channel through which they could request support or information during the “lockdown”.

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8:00pm - 28 May

Guidance for Businesses has been issued in regards to Phase 4

Please read the guidance and familiarise yourself with the new directions from the Committee for Health & Social Care that are required to enable your business to operate.

Read the Guidance here

4:30pm - 27 May

COVID-19 sees States quickly adapt to deliver vital services remotely

The States of Guernsey’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has included a significant focus on maximising the use of technology to ensure the continued delivery of many vital services to the community.

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3:40pm - 27 May

All off-island school visits until the end of 2020 cancelled or deferred.

All remaining States’ school off-island visits planned for 2020 will be cancelled or postponed, the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has decided.

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12:00pm - 27 May

No active cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick

 Announcing the daily testing results, Dr Brink, Director of Public Health, has advised that 27 days have now passed since the last positive case of COVID-19 was diagnosed and there are currently no known active cases in the Bailiwick. 

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1:30pm - 22 May

States-run schools to open to all students from 8th June

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has decided that States-run schools will re-open to all students five days a week from Monday 8th June.

This aligns the position on schools to the decision announced today to move to Phase 4 from Saturday 30th May as part of the States’ overall Exit Strategy. 

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