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COVID-19 updates

10:00am - 30 July

Payroll co-funding phase 2 applications

Businesses eligible for support through the payroll co-funding scheme between 1 July and 30 September can begin making applications for the second phase of funding from 1 August.

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1:30pm - 24 July

Antibody Testing

517 HSC staff have been tested for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, following the introduction of clinics offering testing to healthcare staff.

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9:55am - 24 July

HSC response to Scrutiny Management Committee on contractual arrangements with Primary Care Practices

The Committee for Health & Social Care has provided a detailed response to the Scrutiny Management Committee with regard to the contractual arrangements made with the primary care practices.

Summary of HSC response to Scrutiny Management Committee

HSC response to Scrutiny Management Committee re Primary Care during COVID-19

Primary Care joint working contract

Primary Care call-off contract

1:30pm - 23 July

Health Visitors change to working arrangements

During lockdown, the Health Visitor Service rapidly introduced some new ways of working. Due to the success of this, these will remain in place.

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5:25pm - 20 July

The States of Guernsey releases more data on the results of its testing programme

Daily statistics are provided by Public Health Services which give islanders data on the number of samples tested, along with a summary of case groupings for the positive cases that have been identified.

More data has been released today on the results of the recently conducted pilot programme.

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3:30pm - 20 July

Additional commercial flights to cater for ‘business tunnel’ travellers from 28 July

New rules to allow business travellers to come to Guernsey for essential business meetings have been agreed by the Civil Contingencies Authority.

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3:00pm - 17 July

Primary Care during COVID-19

Between April - June 2020, arrangements were in place between HSC and primary care so all islanders could access services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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8:45pm - 15 July

Public Health reminds people of the symptoms associated with infection with the virus that causes COVID-19

Public Health Services are reminding people of the symptoms associated with infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

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1:30pm - 10 July

Business tunnels will enable essential on-island business meetings

Guernsey’s economy is set to benefit from special measures permitting on-island business meetings to be held, subject to strict Public Health guidance, in situations where the physical presence of off-island representatives is necessary.

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1:15pm - 10 July

CCA agrees a route to Phase 6 - the Bailiwick’s return to the global community

The Bailiwick has had no new positive cases of COVID-19 since 30 April 2020, and has now been in Phase 5 of the Exit from Lockdown Framework for 3 weeks.

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