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COVID-19 updates

1:15pm - 9 April

Tissues and paper towels must not be included in recycling

Islanders are being asked to make sure they dispose of tissues and paper towels in with their general rubbish, and not with their recycling.

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12:05pm - 9 April

Current travel restrictions are effective against spread of COVID-19

Public Health is satisfied the current controls on movement to and from the Bailiwick are protecting islanders against the spread of COVID-19 and tighter measures, such as requiring permission to travel, are unnecessary.

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6:25pm - 8 April

Hospital and Care homes visits to cease where possible

A difficult decision has been made to stop all visits to Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Mignot Memorial Hospital, Oberlands, the Lighthouse Wards and Care Homes in the Bailiwick of Guernsey where possible.

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5:10pm - 8 April

Exams regulator issues guidance for schools and colleges on how to grade students

Schools and colleges are being asked to provide a grade for each A-Level and GCSE student, in guidance published by exams regulator Ofqual about how to address the cancellation of examinations for the summer of 2020.


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3:35pm - 8 April

Islanders urged to think very carefully before they take part in open sea based activities

The current lock-down restrictions allow for two hours of exercise a day. The guidance states you can go walking, cycling, running, sea swimming or take part in other open sea activities for your own health and welfare together with members of your household provided social distancing is maintained with any members of the public you may meet.

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3:10pm - 8 April

Revised Airport and Passenger Terminal Operating Hours from 9 April 2020

In response to the continued drop in scheduled aircraft movements because of travel and other restrictions introduced by the States of Guernsey to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the Bailiwick. Guernsey and Alderney Airports, in consultation with its key customers and stakeholders, will both be further revising their respective operating hours, with effect from 00:01 9 April 2020 to Sunday 31 May 2020 inclusive.

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9:30am - 8 April

Use of Hyperbaric Chamber suspended until further notice

HSC has suspended the operation of the Guernsey Hyperbaric Chamber until further notice as staff from the Emergency Department assist with decompression treatment and, therefore, this service cannot be prioritised at this time. All available resources are currently being prioritised to the current pandemic.

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3:00pm - 7 April

Surgical masks

HSC is appealing to the local community to stop putting unhelpful comments on social media, the most recent and harmful of which stated that frontline staff at the PEH are not being issued with enough surgical masks.

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1:00pm - 7 April

The Easter Bunny has been granted his Essential Worker status ahead of a busy weekend

Also included on the new list is the Tooth Fairy, who has been advised she can continue to make essential visits to Children’s houses to collect any teeth that have fallen out during the current lock-down period.

Both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy have been fully briefed by Public Health Services, ensuring they regularly wash their tiny paws and hands. Being self-employed and spreading their magic all on their own, they don’t need to worry about social distancing.

The Easter Bunny is said to be excited about bringing some much-needed joy to children (and adults) over the coming weekend.

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12:00pm - 7 April

‘Lock down’ restrictions for Islanders to stay at home continue

The States of Guernsey can confirm ‘lock down’ restrictions will remain in place, following a 14-day review. The only change to the current restrictions is that non-essential retailers will be permitted to carry out home deliveries, provided this is done in line with guidance to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. This change will come into effect at 00.01 Wednesday 8 April. The restrictions will be kept under review.
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