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COVID-19 updates

11:45am - 29 October

Guidance for face coverings in education settings

Parents and carers are being advised of guidance in place for the wearing of face coverings in education settings when students return after half term.

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1:35pm - 28 October

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Update

The Bailiwick Vaccination Programme has now administered over 110,00 doses of vaccine in the Bailiwick. Nearly 6,500 booster doses have been given.

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1:55pm - 26 October

Changes to testing on arrival for fully vaccinated travellers from outside the Common Travel Area, excluding UK Red List countries

From tomorrow (Wednesday 27th October), fully vaccinated travellers arriving in the Bailiwick from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA), who have NOT spent time in any UK Red List country in the 10 days before their arrival, will no longer be asked to do a PCR test.

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9:50am - 22 October

Digital vaccination 2D bar codes launched for people fully vaccinated in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The States of Guernsey can confirm that following successful overnight testing, the introduction of 2D bar codes for digital vaccination certificates has gone ahead this morning.

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1:15pm - 21 October

Islanders urged to step up vigilance and take further precautions including regular Lateral Flow Testing and the use of face coverings in certain settings

The Civil Contingencies Authority and Public Health officials are calling on the community to take additional precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Recent days have seen a further rise in cases and more hospital admissions. Concerns remain that in some cases people are not following some of the central guidance such as staying at home when unwell, reporting symptoms, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

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4:00pm - 19 October

Digital vaccination 2D bar codes to be introduced for people fully vaccinated in the Bailiwick from 22 October

From Friday 22 October, 2D bar codes (QR codes) are expected to be available for Bailiwick of Guernsey residents as part of their digital vaccination certification.

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3:30pm - 19 October

Travel Tracker can be completed up to 8 days before journey from tomorrow

From tomorrow, people filling out their information on the Travel Tracker ahead of a journey to the Bailiwick of Guernsey will be able to do so up to 8 days before the journey. This is increased from the current 2 days.

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9:35am - 15 October

Free Lateral Flow Test kits to be made available to all Islanders

Packs of 25 Lateral Flow Test (LFT) kits will be made available to all Islanders from Monday (18th October). The use of these kits will help us slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, particularly over the winter months. During this time we are more likely to be indoors, in crowded places or attending parties, and potentially coming into contact with positive cases.

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2:30pm - 14 October

Travel Tracker support sessions for travellers this weekend

The Travel Tracker team has scheduled 3 sessions this week to help travellers register on the Travel Tracker and complete a pre-arrival journey.

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10:30am - 13 October

Islanders urged to follow good COVID-19 practice ahead of winter

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, health officials are urging Islanders to continue following the good practice they have adopted as part of living responsibly with COVID.

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