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Islanders eligible for a spring booster can now have it at their GP practice

If you’re over the age of 75, or are immunosuppressed, and you’ve received an invite to get a spring booster you are now able to book a vaccine appointment at your GP practice as an alternative to the Community Vaccination Centre. You can of course still book to have your jab at the CVC if you would prefer.   

The team running the vaccination programme have been working closely with colleagues in Primary Care (the three GP practices) with the private providers taking on a larger role in the programme in recent months. Primary Care initially focused on the immunosuppressed cohort and care home residents, but now have capacity to vaccinate remaining over-75s who have not yet booked in for their spring booster.

Anyone who has already booked an appointment to receive their booster at the CVC is asked to keep it in place.

Read the media release.