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Education announces plans to relax Covid-19 measures in schools

Education has announced a planned relaxation of measures in schools, removing classroom bubbles and re-introducing extra-curricular activities among other changes, effective from Monday 17th January.

From Monday, the management of the implications of COVID-19 in education settings will include:

  • Secondary and post-16 students asked to take daily LFTs before attending
  • Primary students asked to take an LFT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday before attending school
  • Staff in all settings asked to take daily LFTs before attending
  • As an additional mitigation following the removal of the package of enhanced measures, face coverings will now be expected in classrooms and teaching spaces in secondary and post-16 settings. They remain compulsory in communal areas for all staff and for secondary and post-16 students and for staff in communal areas within primary schools.

Measures in place since the start of term that are being removed include:

  • Classroom bubbles
  • School-run extra-curricular clubs and activities can resume
  • On-island trips from one school to another (so to take part in swimming at another school, for example) can resume

Read the media release.