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Hearing Support

Masks are used as a means of protection by health professionals and others working in the community in order to protect themselves, as well as preventing the spread from the wearer to other people in the community. However, when someone is wearing a mask members of the community are unable to lip read.

Quite often someone can be too embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves and when they do, they receive mixed responses from care and understanding to impatience and rudeness. This results in feelings of fear and anxiety that they haven’t understood, and further feelings of isolation.

One solution is for the deaf person to have a picture saved to their mobile phone saying that they are deaf/hard of hearing/hearing impaired. They would then show this image to whoever they need to speak to, so that an alternative mode of communication may be used. This could be a transcription app on a mobile phone or using a note pad.

Three images have been created and can be downloaded below.

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