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Mental health support

Being in isolation can prove psychologically challenging and emotionally draining. We might find ourselves feeling worried, restless, bored, lonely or frustrated. Some of us might feel totally overwhelmed. It is very important that we stay aware of how we are feeling and look out for each other.

If you are struggling, there are a number of services and organisations available to help and support you and there are details of some on this page. Additional things you can do include staying in touch with friends and relatives on the phone or by social media, re-connecting with a hobby or learning a new skill through an online course. There are also lots of resources you can use if you need to stay at home.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go for a walk outside in the fresh air (unless you have been instructed not to) or try a home workout - Please follow the guidance if you are self-isolating
  • Try not to be glued to the news
  • Think about how you can adapt your daily routine and set new goals
  • Borrow an e-book from the Guille-Allès Library’s online selection or take advantage of their home delivery service here 
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Listen to a new podcast such as “Feel better, live more” with Dr Rangan Chatterjee, “Happy Place” with Fearne Cotton, Bryony Gordon’s “Mad World” or perhaps the TED Radio Hour Podcast
  • Experiment in the kitchen with some new recipes 
  • Challenge yourself with a puzzle
  • Pick up an instrument or new craft to help focus your mind and pass the time
  • Try a free online course from Future Learn

Dr Russ Harris, author of the international best-seller ‘The Happiness Trap’, has created a video to illustrate how to use ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to deal with the Coronavirus, and the fear, anxiety and worry that goes with it. Watch it at:

If you are experiencing particularly low mood or high levels of anxiety or stress for a sustained period of time, we would advise contacting your GP to discuss how they can help and the support that they can provide. Contact details for the GP surgeries can be found at

Depending on your circumstances, your GP can refer you to the following organisations for support:

  • Healthy Minds
  • Philippi
  • Bereavement counselling 
  • MIND
  • Private counselling
  • Secondary Mental Health Services


COVID-19 contacts

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